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Electrified fences

Our Safety Shockproof Electric Fence is the Top of the technology

Why is the rural world accustomed to using the tiny wire with low-cost current increasingly interested in our systems?
Simple for a problem of costs, because while you are forced to change, replace and intervene continuously on apparatuses of such a precarious nature, our fences and materials are much more long-lived, so as to allow a longer depreciation. Furthermore, the fact that a well-built fence does not create maintenance problems is increasingly important.

Our system is ideal for both lactating cows and for meat animals or even better for genetically selected animals, which are reared for reproductive purposes only. Many breeders also use it to create milking corridors, others use our electrifiers to feed educators.
With the new EU regulations, more and more we are sailing towards animals in free housing: the combination of our hot-galvanized fence panels, our electrified security shock-proof enclosures are a valid and economic answer. 

For the cattle the fence system does not differ absolutely from the one mentioned above for the horses. Very important note regarding cattle is that many times adult cows grazing can be left without problems with a single lap of white ribbon Ref B1 or brown Ref. M1 placed at about 70/80 cm from the ground, with fiber posts, etc.
Two loops of tape are recommended for heifers or calves. For bulls, three rounds or, as an educator, putting a wire with their insulators on the bars. Very fast installation, it has a low purchase and maintenance cost. The concept on which it is based is not only the mechanical strength, held at about 400kg, but the fact that the animal becomes respectful and avoids it by not even touching it after the first experience with the current. Our system is based on the tape, but includes the electrificators, the insulators, the poles, the tensioners and a great series of accessories, in stainless steel, so as to allow all the solutions.