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Recinzioni in legno e Horse Safety band

Stable and Fences

An uncovered riding school or a wooden palisade enclosure in terms of aesthetics has no equal and with our poles it is easier to make it.

The vertical posts 200cm height are already pre-drilled for the insertion of the horizontal current, the two holes are at 60cm from each other. The end result is a fence with a height of 140 / 150cm above ground.

To increase the duration of the fence, we recommend, with our experience, to use a treated iron glass for the buried part in which to insert the pole by filling it with silica sand.

How to choose the best wooden fence for your horses?


Among our many fences, wood, recycled, square etc ... we propose 4 solutions:

The classic Tondo12, palisade with vertical perforated 12 cm diameter and two horizontal 8 cm diameter; the best cost / performance ratio.

Tondo14, palisade equal to the previous one but with verticals having a diameter of 14 cm.

The indestructible Superwood or wooden poles covered by a PVC sheath with erosion and marking protection.

TondoMix, vertical in wood and horizontal covered with pvc sheath.


Rif. Vert200
Rif. Tondo12


Composed of 120mm diameter vertical round wood with two holes and 80mm horizontal poles with top cap. [Nbsp] Autoclave wood,   3 meters.

starting from 10,50 € per linear meter CONTACT US >


Rif. Oriz300
Rif. Tondo14


Composed of vertical round wood of 140 mm diameter with two holes and horizontal poles of 80mm with top cap. Autoclave wood, 3 meters.

starting from 15,80 € per linear meter CONTACT US >




Class 3 treated wood and covered with a special PVC sheath with 120 mm diameter holes and treated and plasticized 3 m pitch. With top cap.

starting from 35,00 € per linear meter CONTACT US >

Rif. TONDO12MixS


Vertical wood with upper stopper in class 3 treated natural wood with holes of 120 mm diameter and horizontal wood with a 3 m treated and covered with PVC sheath.

starting from 27,00 € per linear meter CONTACT US >


Superwood: for an anti-marking fence

It was a lot that we had in mind to revolutionize the world of fences: we have presented many solutions over the years, but the wooden fence has always been a classic and for the best cost / performance ratio hard to beat: in the catalog we have always those of round wood and rectangular wood, we use them on the farm! But how much maintenance! Between time and cost of the products to protect the wood. and every year!

We at BADIFARM have grown tired of having to go over our palisades with anti-marking paint at least once a year and we have patented our solution against this problem. SUPERWOOD is the solution, a pile of treated wood covered with a special sheath of super protective plastic polymer that completely adheres and protects it from erosion and marking. We have also thought about the customers who have purchased our fences over time and so we also offer the only SALVAPALO jacket for the necessary sizes and that they can easily apply.


Our advice: Protect the wood from your horse's bites

To increase the safety of your fence, we recommend adding one or two laps of Safety Shockproof Tape, this will prevent the horses from trying to pass or bite into the wood thus ruining the fence.



Rif. Cancwood180
Rif. CancWood180


Wooden gate, 180 cm long with hinges, hardware and side posts.


Rif. Wood Fence
Rif. Wood Fence


Iron gate for riding built in tubular, hinges and bollard.


cancelli da pascolo Rif. CP30
Rif. CP30


Gate for pastures in tubular with adjustable hinges, 3m x 1.4m (h)



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