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Rubber floors

Rubber mats

The litter, as already described in the   Catalyst Enzymes section, is fundamental. BADI FARM rubber mats save on chip costs but without depriving our horses of a safe and comfortable place.

In fact, the environment around horses should always be controlled and built in an anti-slip way.
We all know it, many times it's not possible: that's why this section has the best mats and systems to make your animals walk and live safely.

There are two possible applications:

for boxes instead of litter with mats   Ref. Mat2,   Ref. Mat10,   Ref. Mat130,   Ref. Mat170

for transit surfaces   with mats Ref. Mat170,Ref. Mat10, Rif. Brik40, Rif. Agromat and Rif. Polomat

for walker with mats Rif. Brik40, Rif. Agromat and Rif. Polomat

for a paddock without mud with mat Rif. Mat5

Breeder, trainer or simple enthusiast can not avoid needing rubber mats for your horses. Did you know that as much as 70% of the cold comes from the floor while the rubber creating under an inner tube cuts more than 80%?

BADI FARM rubber mats are an excellent solution, they are not made of recycled material or granulated material, because they are not hygienic, and subject to cracks and therefore bacterial colonization.

MAT2 soft, do not move and easy to clean

Rif. MAT2


Dimensions 98.5cm; 49cm; 2.5cm for 7Kg of weight. Soft, with a comfortable design in the upper part - which forces the urine into small grooves. It is fitted with rubber plates Ref. ML1 and Ref. ML2 which hold the interlocking mats together (the plates are sold separately). For a 3x3 m box you need 18 mats.

€ 58,00 (iva inc.)


MAT 130 - for temporary or permanent needs

Rif. MAT130


With anti-slip surface with squares. 90x90cm slabs with a thickness of about 25mm in black.
The mat is ideal for temporary or permanent needs. The design on the back guarantees softness while the upper part is anti-slip and comfortable for the horse. It adapts to every surface even the irregular ones. Always thought of pure rubber, resistant to every stroke and indestructible, of 90x90 cm size and weighs 12 kg. The locking system between one mat and the other allows an easy fixing. It is so soft that it is also perfect for our little domestic friends like dogs and cats.

€ 58,00 (iva inc.)


MAT 170 - the economic that satisfies

Rif. MAT170


Always with shock absorbers from the side towards the ground and a new anti-slippery design towards the foot of the horse. Very resistant and of great seal for a box of 3m x 3m we need 5 pieces.

€ 72,00 (iva inc.)


For the corridors, the areas where the horses are still to be saddled, the washes and all the surfaces where they could slip, here are our solutions with rubber latex mats



MAT 10 - the universal mat

Rif. MAT10

HEAVY DUTY MAT TO MQ 184x122cm thickness 18mm

Thanks to its weight it does not require fixing, has an anti-slip side and a side with grooves. It can be shaped with a simple cutter to cover every surface. Easily removable. It can be used in boxes, sheds, in washing areas but also as a bottom for trucks or trailers.

€ 97,00 (iva inc.)


Rif. BRIK40


Bricks 20x15cm thickness 36mm / 40mm in black, brick red, English green and gray. Above 100 square meters, the price is 43 € square meters. Minimum purchase quantity: 32 square meters (or 1 pallet) and multiple.

ASK QUOTATION (price on request)



POLOMAT - for corridors and passage areas



Positionable slabs juxtaposed that allow the creation of a non-slip surface. Thick 50mm x 1000 mm x 1000 mm and weight 37 kg in black, with 3,5% EPDM (red, green, blue, gray, beige or yellow) corridors and passage areas. Minimum purchase quantity: 32 mq (1 pallet) and multiple.

ASK QUOTATION (price on request)



MAT5XL - flexible, hardwearing and long lasting



The MAT5XL mat is a series of holes surrounded by fully vulcanized latex, or latex/Nitrile mix. It is flexible, hardwearing and long lasting. The holey mats (Or ring mats, honeycomb grass protection mats) come in two thickness’, three sizes and three grades. The honeycomb mats are ideal for allowing new grass growth on poached areas, reducing mud in heavily used gateways, creating slip free pathways, grass protection, or for containing gravel. Because the honeycomb grass protection mats (Ring mats) are flexible, they can be laid straight onto existing grass, or hard standing with no pre-preparation. They are totally non slip in any weather making them ideal for use as muddy gateway mats.
The smaller honeycomb mats are ideal for muddy gateways or poached ground and can be re-sited easily. The larger ones, once laid, are difficult to move as earth builds up inside the holes and makes the mat very heavy indeed. The heavy duty mats are less flexible and should be laid where the earth is very soft, or when regularly used by vehicles.
An alternate method of laying mats on very muddy ground is to level the area and lay turfs then lay the mats on top. The mats will protect the newly laid turf and allow it to take while the turfs will support the mats.. Dimensions 150cm x 100cm

€ 67,00 (iva inc.)