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Rubber floors


Rubber granules for equitation camp

We are always attentive to the comfort of your horses, BADI FARM offers plastic EPDM pigments certified EU Non-toxic and eco friendly to add to "hard" soils or even to make the bottom of your riding.

The hard silica sand is not comfortable for your horse, and after years of promoting the siliceous soils, as a solution to all the ills of the agonist or recreational horse, now you begin to understand that hard terrains in the long run strain the tendons and joints of the horse.

Which the solution? or add an "organic and therefore soft" part to the soil normally in the bottom, but which often involves problems in the use of the field in the winter months and when it rains, or add a part that varies from 12% to 18% Certified NON-TOXIC certified EPDM granules in siliceous or siliceous sand. The elastic response improves significantly as well as the comfort of the horse.

However, the sand must be mixed, preferably with a rotary harrow, periodically because the granules tend to float. Being available in different colors, some customers prefer gray or light ocher, which can not be confused in the ground, while others prefer bolder colors such as green or even red or blue.

What is expected from the addition of EPDM granules in soils? we expect a better elastic response, a tendency to decrease the impact of land and an improvement in horse conditions.

Can you build a soil completely with EPDM granules? [Nbsp] sure! is an important investment (the average cost is € 1.60 / kg and it takes about 8 kg per square meter x 1cm) but for horses it's another thing! And   above all, being a certified non-toxic product and Eco Friendly, any future disposal will not be a problem.

It can be used for any need.

Some of our applications