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Rubber floors


Specifically developed to withstand the heavy wear on horse box ramps and trailer ramps. The MAT11 mat is moulded with grip lines across its surface interspersed with large integral bars. This presents a totally non slip footing in all conditions. Slippery wood cross battens are eliminated. The mat also muffles the hoof thumps that unsettle horses on (horsebox/trailer) ramps. It is very easy to sweep off dirt and mud and to hose clean. Being made from pure vulcanized latex, the mat has a long and productive life as: horsebox ramp mats, or trailer ramp mats. Due to the underside flatness it can be fixed either by adhesive or, rather more securely, by 1 ½” self tapping screws through the bars. The width of most trailer ramps is around 4’ while the length of most lorry ramps is 7’6”. MAT11 Ramp mats are supplied to a single convenient size 1.25m x 2.13m. A join running up the centre being safer than across the ramp as hooves cannot slip under the join. A rubber mat that has bars moulded across so that it is totally non-slip. It is designed for horse box and trailer ramps. The MAT11 mat is moulded with grip lines across it's surface interspersed with large integral bars so that it presents a totally non slip footing in all conditions. The mat is made from a pure vulcanised latex so has a long lasting and productive life.

Tappeto_RIF. MAT11
Rif. MAT11


Use Mat11 and your animals, any ramp will rise without problem, incredible design and result.

€ 154,80 (iva inc.)

Examples of use.


Tappeto_RIF. MAT170
Rif. MAT170


Always with shock absorbers from the side towards the ground and a new anti-slippery design towards the foot of the horse. Very resistant and of great seal for a box of 3m x 3m we need 5 pieces.

€ 86,40 (iva inc.)

Tappeto_RIF. MAT10
Rif. MAT10

HEAVY DUTY MAT TO MQ 184x122cm thickness 18mm

Thanks to its weight it does not require fixing, has an anti-slip side and a side with grooves. It can be shaped with a simple cutter to cover every surface. Easily removable. It can be used in boxes, sheds, in washing areas but also as a bottom for trucks or trailers.

€ 116,40 (iva inc.)

Gomma liquida nera GL50
Rif. GL50


In three components it adapts to all surfaces washed, cleaned, dried and degreased.
Pack of 50kg.

€ 310,00 (iva inc.)