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Rubber floors

Liquid rubber

Did you want an effective product to prevent your animals from slipping?
Did you want an easy-to-apply product on every surface?
What can you apply to your staff as well as from any construction company?
Did you want a durable and resistant to trampling product?
You do not want to use rugs but at the same time you have to make anti-skid surfaces?
Well here is the product for you: the BADI FARM LIQUID RUBBER


BADI FARM Liquid Rubber can be used on any clean surface, in case it is laid on iron, aluminum or galvanized iron it is necessary to use in addition to the Liquid Rubber also the Ref. GLPRIMER.

Gomma liquida nera GL50
Rif. GL50


In three components it adapts to all surfaces washed, cleaned, dried and degreased.
Pack of 50kg.

€ 310,00 (iva inc.)

Rif. GLPrimer


Primer for surfaces in iron, aluminum and galvanized iron.

€ 120,00 (iva inc.)


  • extended to 12mm thickness covers about 4 square meters;
  • spread to 15mm thickness covers about 3 square meters;
  • extended to 20mm thickness covers about 2 square meters.

Some warnings:

  1. The treated surfaces must be dry.
  2. Dust-free and clean (use a vacuum cleaner as a last cleaning).
  3. Special applications - like on metal or aluminum - must be carried out with the material free of any trace of oil.
  4. Maximum adhesion occurs approximately after 14 days, even if after 5 days the surface can be trampled.
  5. Avoid wetting for about 20 days (if wet, an inestetic - but indifferent from a structural point of view - will come out in a light color on the gray surface of the rubber).
  6. Suitable for waterproof floors and any other use to avoid slipping.
  7. For aluminum or iron surfaces, there is a special primer.