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Rubber floors

Antinboxing strips

How many times did we get in the morning and see in the pit of our horse the whole wall marked by kicks and crawl or how many times we happened to see a horse making a "joke" in the box remained "imboxed"?

A valid help is our "antinboxing" strip which is applied horizontally on the wall at a height between 50cm and 110cm depending on the height of the horse.


You can also follow curved structures and corners!
Great for delivery rooms, showers, for rooms that must be washed often, and for infirmaries, for the walls of the clinical operating rooms and box awakening.

Tappeto_RIF. MAT12
Rif. MAT12


It is fixed on the sides of the box with a nail or a flat head piece every 30cm (nails for 50mm wooden box)

€ 32,00 (iva inc.)