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Hay Wagon BF0101

Nowadays find little square bales it’s coming really difficult. If you need to deal with Big/Heavy round bales or squared ones you have two choices: push the hay on the ground or use a Hay Wagon Rif. BF0101... and also a little girls can push hit around...

Our wagon can hold  till 2m diameter round bales and the usual 2,5m square ones he can hold more than a ton!

It’s dimention is 2,5 m x 1,8 m x 0,70m high.

Base configuration Rif. BF0101 has a galvanized iron strong structure, than at request can be also powder painted.


- Rif. BF0101Round a big free wheel than aloud you to stay still while your hay it’s used for feeding purpose.
- Rif. BF0101Tim, rudder that help you if you have to drive up hill or downhill to drive  ( you need a 15hp tractor)
- Rif. BF0101Brk, you can also ask for brakes (stationary and hand brake)

Call for a quotation!

Rif. BF0101


€ 1620,00 (iva inc.)