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Electrified fences

Top of technology

Our Safety Shockproof Electric Fence is the Top of the technology.

Very fast installation, it has a low purchase and maintenance cost. The concept on which it is based is not only the mechanical strength, held at about 400kg, but the fact that the horse becomes respectful and avoids it not even going to touch it after the first experience with the current. Our system is based on shockproof band, but it includes the electrificators, the insulators, the poles, the tensioners and a great series of accessories, in stainless steel, so as to allow all the solutions.


The system works in two ways

FIRST: The electricity will prod the horse every time he tries to go and burn the grass near the fence. Our electric fences, if well installed, respect this rule. On the other hand, even if the cattle are fenced with a single thread, for the horse, it is not enough; this solution is not safe especially with low-thickness tapes.

SECOND: The visual barrier (created by the tape), represents for the horse a very visible and wide obstacle, therefore difficult to overcome. Moreover, when he tries to pass the electric fence, his instincts will remind him: "No, there the fence is too painful, I can not go through, it is necessary that you look for another exit". It is to meet this need that at least two or three tape heights are needed!

On what principle is it based?

If we put a finger in a hole in the socket, we do not get the shock! But if we put two? The energiser is made to transform and pulse, starting from 220 v of the mains current or from 12v or 9v of batteries and batteries, multiplying the voltage by 40, or much more in the case of batteries, but reducing the amperage to a few cents of Ampere. The system to work consists of two wires, the first, what we will call "ground", is inserted into the ground a special pole that transforms the ground into a giant conductor. The second, the phase, is attached to the tape. When the horse arrives, this touching the tape, for the fact that it walks with its hooves on the earth connects for a moment the earth with the phase, that is why it takes the shock.