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Electrified fences applications


Here is a sequence of little tricks, but you can also insert yours, as long as you give us an explanatory photo also by email and the explanation of what you have done.


Kit Road Gate
Kit Road Gate


The KIT contains:

     1 roll of brown tape 100m
     4 insulating pads
     2 rods isolated
     6 isolators (two standing and 4 spare)
     25 clips to keep the ribbon in place
     3 galvanized stakes to secure everything
     1 pole for Ref E4
     2 Signs
     1 Ref 59L connector

€ 305,00 (iva inc.)

Here's one last trick!

An electrified gate stops the wild boars! But not cars! Our tape is so strong, that if you put more strips with the appropriate kit Gate Road no animals, for fear of the power that he knows well, will pass that gate, horse, cow, sheep or even wild boar. Think of the tape so positioned, no rocks or anything that may damage it takes about 2 years. Obviously we have to get over to a crawl.



Great paddock with catch paddock

If the paddock is too big and you can never take the horse is not fun if you constantly run away at your approach: he plays! You can realize a small fence on one corner, used to bring water and eat them, obviously with the gate formed by the Ref. 11 handles always open, to catch your horse then it will be easier, will not have all the space to get away. Everything is done with No. 6 Ref. 44V and two Ref. 11

Corridor to check the heat

Leave a gelding in the middle lane of a fence constructed in this way and this will give you the opportunity to understand which of the mares that you put in the small paddock to the side are in heat. If we now leave, inside of so small foals with their mothers, when they go in the big paddock know very well the fence avoiding bad experiences out of the your eyes.

A fence for the Trekking

Excellent example of a compound with little material but with a good results.A Ref. E14, a few isolator Ref. 8N on poles Ref. 7B, same tape and twine to temporarily fasten the isolator Ref. 8Nwith their pickets Ref. 7B on trees, without spoiling it with nails or other!