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Electrified fences applications

The dangers

Fences for horses hide dangers. Let's see them together.

The wooden palisade

Beautiful, just a nice gift for the horses. Not everyone agrees that the horse has to get its teeth on these expensive fences, but for others it is "a good", because from the various treatments to prevent the wood from degrading it is true that surely you get valuable food supplements. Once our horse has been able to break it, to cut it or to knock it down, here it is transformed into a spear worthy of a medieval tournament. Have you ever seen a horse that has been impaled in trying to jump it? Many horses needed careful medical treatment!

cavallo in recinzione

Plastic enclosures

It is often too low; the horse studies it and takes it as an obstacle to jump or something to rub on, not like the ribbon where it associates to the visual part, a mysterious meaning (the shock). Its disadvantage is that it is very stiff and does not give in to any stress, even when the horse bumps into it. The consequences are like you can think dramatic and your vet will do very little. A Shockproof Ribbon on these fences helps to prevent the horse from approaching. Result: the fence will last longer because not solicited and the horse will have a better life. This also prevents the horse from scratching, sticking its head through the horizontal elements, forcing the fence or simply scratching the whole mane and ruining it.

The electrified rope

The first time it appeared in Sweden, we found it too dangerous.
It is too strong (it resists about two tons at breakage), and is too fine to be visible (from 8 to 12 mm).
We have already described how fences like iron wire, fine and strong, are too dangerous think we advise against the use of our   Ref. B1, the small ribbon, alone!

The photo shows a Dutch stallion that had the paddock in electrified rope. The horse is dead with a severed neck. Evaluate yourself.

The net fence for animals

Manufacturers have striven to create a mesh of different thickness but this allows the horses to get caught up with their feet or, if scrambled, to get stuck and hooked every time they lie down.

The extra horses lean against it, they scratch and in this way they get entangled.


Fences with hedges with thorns

They are a good solution for those who want to isolate the horses, remove the view to those who must control the horses in the fences. They have a disadvantage that they are not continuous and with time, and the death of some plants, they are filled with holes: nothing more wrong to go to block these with wires. In the summer, with flies, gnats and horseflies, horses are driven by an irrepressible instinct that leads them to scratch. The plugs in addition to micro lacerations cause serious damage to the eyes! Not only ... careful that certain berries and even certain hedges are poisonous.

campo con albero

Electric fences for cattle

Very little visible, after a season they break and are no longer conductors. And for the horse everything becomes closer: the road, the fields, the grass. It is the cause of the largest number of wounds with barbed wire.

But unfortunately there are many other dangerous fences!

corda con rete