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Electrified fences applications

General advices

In this section we want to show you some tips on the use of electric fences and some "tricks" to improve the operation of your system.


The corridors of training for Thoroughbreds and horses who need to develop fighting spirit and movement This fence and composed of multiple lanes (more than 4) put together, small width (from 5 to 10m) and long lengths (over 100m), two heights of the tape, only to end it you have to put 3 especially for the yearling thoroughbred. It's proved that closest lane (4m) encourage the horses to go just on the edge. The ideal would be to remove the grass that distracts the horse. Every day for 2 or 3 hours, the young horses (but also others) are left all together (one per lane) and gallop back and forth constantly, for fun, curiosity, spirit of competition and challenge each other, etc. ... each within its own lane without having the possibility of injury or injury other horses. When they no longer play, you have to change places, so that they have new neighbors with which to compare, if they can put two in the same lane (if known) or you can add a little rebel horse in one of the lanes, etc. ... Within a few months of this intense exercise, the muscles alone are made without using the lead rope or without the need to mount them.

Isolate a danger

If there is to hurt, your horse will not fail to be there and try ... It 's so ... This explains why unlike other herbivores, the horse startled or feels pain, instead of stopping, even if caught, push to be free and then flees. In this regard there isn’t a piece of land safe or without hazards in all seasons. So, to highlight a hole, a trunk, an agricultural machine abandoned or a cement a pole or a place where you do not want to enter (trees or flowers), built a fence around it with two heights (diameter of at least 1m). Electrify it if you can (Energizer batteries or battery) or leave it without power if your horse already knows the pain caused by electric fence.

Educating a pony

The pony is often a horse game, not a workhorse. We can pretend that the child educates the pony to respect things and places, when they are so happy to play together? The result: will think by himself and become difficult to manage in the park, plus the Pony, are usually stubborn and hairy, which means that his mane assures him to be isolated when he passes the tape, stubborn, mean that attempts to pass whenever he can, as a rude horse. The owners of the pony can understand this, and I think they agree. The solution: First: two heights of tape in a fairly low (50/60 cm from the ground) to bother him when he starts to force the fence. Second: A very powerful energizer (like current Rif. E5 or battery Rif. E6 if you cannot have direct current) is needed "spark blue" to go through his very thick mane before it touches the tape, (5 or 6 mm until it has touched). In this way, her hair no longer act as insulator and our honest pony will not be the animal that caused problems.

An electrify gate

Everyone crowded around the gates for the evening meal! But if the door is electrified… compliance is assured!

Cavalli in recinzione

Horses that crib or kicking inside the box

A belt of tape (1 or 2 cm) insulated with insulators Ref. 10V on the wall will have the effect of calming even the most stubborn horse. We have seen very stubborn horse, but thanks to this system, the horses again become normal within a few days! For those who have a horse that crib with the help of the isolator Ref. 15 they can electrify the points where it attaches. Played cunning!

Stallions during the competition or if they jump in box

In the Temporary box solid but not too much, they have the annoying habit of rearing up close to see the horses. Use isolator Ref. 10V or Ref. 15 and a 13mm tape at the top of the box. For the land, is not complicated because the litter is often on damp soil in concrete. You can place it, if you have the option, on the earth (outside of the box) or fix up the uprights of a partition if it touches the ground. For a small fence, concrete wet well will lead the current and the electrical ground. In these two cases, take the little energizer batteries Ref. E14 or Ref. E4. Try passing a current with Ref. 18