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Leashes and vibro-electronic collars

Leashes and vibro-electronic collars

DogWatch® offers a wide range of pet containment and training solutions, including the invisible outdoor fence system, internal boundaries and distance training.

The BigLeash V-10

A Vibration Trainer is a type of Remote Trainer, also known as an e-collar (or electronic collar). The BigLeash® V-10 lets you send a vibration signal from a handheld transmitter to a receiver collar worn by your dog. The signal gets the dog’s attention and can be used to teach and reinforce training commands and to change undesirable behaviors.

The BigLeash V-10 Vibration Trainer offers 10 vibration levels plus an audible signal that can be used for training and communicating with your dog, especially when he is too distracted or too far away to hear your verbal command. The vibration signal is safe and effective and is especially good for dogs that are sensitive or hearing impaired. It is the only e-collar with digital FM technology and exclusive ‘In-Touch’™ two-way communication between the hand-held transmitter and the dog’s receiver collar.

The SideWalker

The SideWalker® creates a more enjoyable walking experience for you and your dog. Gently corrects overly enthusiastic leash pulling and helps your dog learn appropriate on-leash behavior. The ‘self-teaching’ design assists in reinforcing appropriate leash training and eliminating excessive pulling. The SideWalker has 5 adjustable settings from low to high plus a vibration option so you can select a setting appropriate for your dog. When the dog pulls on the leash, the pressure of the collar strap on the SideWalker activates either a vibration or a stimulation. The vibration or stimulation gradually increases as the dog pulls and resets when the pulling stops.

The BigLeash


Radio-controlled leash for training your dog.

€ 260,00 (iva inc.)

SIDEWALKER - Collare educativo anti tiro


Educational collar that eliminates excessive pulling

€ 150,00 (iva inc.)