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Eliminate odors

Green Gloop Green Gloop Anti Bacterial Germicide Ammonia Neutralising Stable Cleaning Fluid

Green Gloop cleaning fluid is a highly concentrated, ammonia neutralising germicide liquid, which can be used as a stable cleaning fluid. It is a highly concentrated water based, non toxic detergent and deodoriser that will not harm animals or humans nor rot matting. It is ideal on all artificial beds as it cleans mat surfaces, neutralises urine and leaves stables clean and smelling fresh.

Green Gloop stable cleaning fluid is a non-toxic and biodegradable detergent, germicide and ammonia neutraliser. It kills all stable smells DEAD and leaves a pleasant, fresh smelling stable. Green Gloop Anti Bacterial Germicide is totally harmless to all animals.


Green Gloop
Green Gloop


Sanitizing and detergent, 2 L.

€ 31,00 (iva inc.)

Thanks to its composition stops the accumulation of ammonia responsible for damage to the respiratory system of our animals. It kills germs, removes odors, ensuring the safety of animals and the environment.
It can be used in stables, boxes, kennels, and any rubber surface.
Green Gloop on concrete floors without slope we recommend to apply it every 4-5 days if instead it is a small slope you can use it once a week, finally used as a germicidal cleaner on our Mat2 rugs it is recommended to apply it every 2 weeks. For concrete floors it is advisable to use about 300ml of product dissolved in 16litres of water, if it is used on rubber flooring, 150ml is sufficient, always in 16litres of water.