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Electrified fences

In case of problems

  • There is no current.
    Check the earth, probably not enough, check the electrical connections, check if there is energy in the electrificator; attention could also be that your electrifier has undergone a lightning discharge: in this case it can be repaired by replacing the card   Ref. A to, ask us.

  • The battery is dead.
    Plants touch the tape and put it to the ground, or at one point the tape touches and unloads or you have left the end of the rolled-up roll or more of these joined causes.

  • A horse hit the tape and landed it: what do I do?
    First I replace all the isolators that have sold, then I raise the tape and only then connect the tape, I verify the passage of current: if I find the dispersions or problems of breakage, I cut the tape, take the damaged part and replace it using the buckles Rif. 24Rif. 22 o Rif. 39.

  • You hear "clack clack" continuously on the tape near an insulator.
    It is probable that at that point the tape has been stressed by a tension or a tear: check that it is clean and that the stainless steel wires are intact, or that the isolator, the tensioner or the switch where you hear the noise has no points dispersion and is well inserted.

  • I hear little ticking on the radio, television or other devices reading a signal.
    You ran the cable   Ref. 28   or even the tape in contact with other cables that carry signals: avoid it to avoid malfunctions to these last devices.

  • The electrifier emits noise, but the bulb does not light up anymore.
    You have a dispersion on the ground, you have to localize it and eliminate it. Test the brown cable   Ref. 28 ; remove it from being connected to the fence and turn on the electrifier: if you get the same situation, the dispersion is in the cable that you have stretched in the pose (if you use non-insulated cables you will surely have the problem); if, on the other hand, with the cable that is not connected, everything is done again, the problem is on the fence.


Fault monitoring

  • Always take a control tour of the fence, in the evening the sparks are more visible if there are leaks.
  • Use the Tester to find the problem on the tape (Rif. 18Rif. 19 e Rif. 25).

    If you think there are broken stainless wires, do not be afraid, cut the ribbon and put a buckle.