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Electrified fences


1. Keep the net rolled up and find the garment starting to unroll it

2. stick the posts on the ground pushing the iron tip into the ground with your hand as close as possible to the tip,

3. stretch the net well,

4. very carefully fix the net and connect the clamp to the cable Ref. 59L and the electrifying apparatus,

5. remember to plant the ground stake Ref. T1.

Positioning the BADI FARM fencing system is quick and easy

You can install a kilometer of tape in about 30 minutes, first of all starting with the positioning on the top and on the corners of the pieces like the corner insulators and the tensioners and of course continuing with   the insulators on the poles or the fiber posts with the insulators already inserted

Step 1
Step 1

Attach the tape to the tensioner buckle Ref. 44V. Go inside the tape.


Step 2
Step 2

Fix it with the barb.


Step 3
Step 3

Stretch the ribbon.


Step 4
Step 4

To block it, repeat it inside.


Step 5
Step 5

Fix the excess tape with the convenient clips. Unroll the ribbon until the next tensioner, pull the ribbon without problems and fix it in the second buckle.


Step 6
Step 6

Now you have to let it go inside the insulator: open the insulator.


Step 7
Step 7

Put the ribbon.


Step 8
Step 8

Screw the insulator.