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Electrified fences

20 mm tape accessories

Why a fence with a 20 mm tape?

Our aim is to: reduce the cost of your enclosures without compromising the quality, durability, electrical conductivity and safety for your horses!
In fact, thanks to the quality of our tape, the same diameter of the various steel wires (5 by 0.40 mm), polyethylene (0.50 mm) and the two shockproof wire of 1mm as those of the tape by 40mm, although if, visually, the 20mm tape does not look good as the 40mm, the quality is at least comparable! For large paddock our customers combine the tape from 40mm above to 20mm below! It is not suitable for fencing spirited horses, foals, or dangerous areas. Obviously has a whole range of accessories, let's see ...


Isolatore e tenditore Rif. 9N
Rif. 9N


It is an insulator that does it all! Is the latest! Solid, supports and locks the belt. Simple and intuitive, it locks with a key 10. You can put on pallets fiber Ref 7A/B/C; just insert the stake into predetermined hole Ø 12 mm.

€ 0,90 (iva inc.)

Isolatore e tenditore Rif. 9B
Rif. 9B


You can enter on any poles, even in our cast iron Ø 10 mm! It has a bolt which locks up top.

€ 1,05 (iva inc.)

Isolatore e tenditore Rif. 9V
Rif. 9V


With two self-tapping screws for wood, can be installed on any wooden surface, then if you use the plastic anchors 6mm you can anchor on the walls.

€ 1,00 (iva inc.)

Isolatore e tenditore Rif. 9G
Rif. 9G


Easy to use, with a bolt, is fixed to a self-tapping screw which secures it easily on all the wood surfaces.

€ 1,05 (iva inc.)

Isolatore d'angolo Rif. 9
Rif. 9


Due to its robustness can also be used as corner! Pass the tape just locking it, stretch the tape and tightened by hand or with the key 10.

€ 0,81 (iva inc.)

Tenditore porta contatto nastro basso Rif. 35V
Rif. 8X


200 screws for insulators.

€ 16,10 (iva inc.)


Tenditore porta contatto Rif. 9F
Rif. 9F


By placing the buckle in Ref 9N you get a tensioner to be used on long-haul on the doors or dividers. The electrical connections are made through this buckle

€ 5,65 (iva inc.)

Tenditore porta contatto nastro basso Rif. 35V
Rif. 35V


Stainless steel buckle strong and durable, the plastic insulator. Also available in Ref 35B with bolt

€ 10,20 (iva inc.)

Tenditore porta contatto nastro basso Rif. 35V
Rif. 35B


Stainless steel buckle strong and durable, the plastic insulator. Also available in Ref 35V with screws

€ 9,80 (iva inc.)

Ref. 35V tensioners are indispensable in the following cases:

- to fix and firmly stop the ends of our fence;

- for the doors, before and after the handle;

- every 80/100 m to help tighten the tape on very long sides;

- in place of the corner insulators, in some fences where the tape must be tightened and stretched in the corner.

The buckles Ref. 35T allow to derive a third line with the tape from a single tensioner Ref. 44, they are useful for example for subdividing a large enclosure into several separate areas.


Tenditore porta contatto Rif. 35N
Rif. 35N


Buckle necessary to create the T buckle, combined with Ref. 35T.

€ 5,60 (iva inc.)

Tenditore porta contatto Rif. 35T
Rif. 35T


Buckle which together with Ref. 35V or 35B allows to derive a third line with the ribbon.

€ 5,80 (iva inc.)

Tenditori porta contatto Rif. CLIPS


Provided normally attached to the plastic of Ref. 44 or Ref. 45. They can be ordered separately. Block the terminal part of the tape. The tape that remains can be blocked with the use of the two tweezers which must be removed from the molded plastic.

€ 1,10 (iva inc.)

How to fix the tape:

  • Lift the clasp, insert the dubbed tape and lower the barb, the Ref. 44 can be screws (Ref. 44V)
    or bolts (Ref. 44B).
  • Just as easily you can remove just pull with one hand to remove the tension.
  • Secure the excess tape with clips.