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Dog Watch - The invisible fence

Installing the Hidden Fence

After meeting wtih your local DogWatch Dealer to determine the best containment configuration for your pet, a wire is buried in the ground to create the containment area. A Transmitter is then installed in an appropriate location (garage, basement, etc.) and connected to the buried wire. The Transmitter sends a special FM radio signal through the buried wire. Additionally, DogWatch includes both external and internal lightning protection to provide maximum protection for your fence and your home wiring system. Dual lightning protection is not included with other hidden dog fence brands.

How to do the job: who can do it.

Installing the system is very easy: an electrician and a gardener, you can even mount it, even if you do not have a lot of experience. The installation is: fix the points above exposed, laying the cable, either on the ground fixed with the ties to the existing fence, or underneath under the turf: you must start from where you will put the transmitter. When you arrive near the vegetable garden or the flower you want to delimit, delimitatela and between the garden or the flowerbed twisted the two cables that return to the fence with at least 6 or 8 turns every 10cm, arrived at the perimeter fence cut and join it with the terminals (the signal in the piece where you twisted the cables will cancel, allowing the dog to pass freely).

Return to the transmitter, connect the wires in the lightning bolt and then to the transmitter just give contact to check immediately if we have laid the cables well, in fact a green OK light will immediately light up. At this point insert the tester on the collar and with the flags in hand understand the limits of the field and insert the flags in the ground so that they remain for the dog a point of reference. Put the collar then the dog and follow the training period or acclimatization.

Solutions for all problems

All solutions are possible, to prevent the dog from escaping driveways, biting the fence, not respecting digging and escaping from a non-optimal fence, do not go to certain parts of the park or the garden.

Installazione Dog Watch

In this hypothesis the dog is free to turn around the entire perimeter without restrictions.


Installazione Dog Watch

Dog Watch is used here to prevent the dog from leaving the driveway.


Installazione Dog Watch

It is also possible to divide the fence into two parts so that the dog of your choice is in one rather than the other.


Installazione Dog Watch

Here's how to prevent your dog from entering the pool or your flowerbeds.


Installazione Dog Watch

Is the postman afraid of your dog? Here's how to prevent the dog from approaching.


Installazione Dog Watch

You can also limit the garden to half or one portion of it.


Installazione Dog Watch

Your dog will no longer be able to enter your vegetable garden and devastate the crop.