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Foxes & mustelids

Foxes and Mustelids

Our fences adjust to the size of the animals to be rejected can also be used against stray dogs and other predators such as foxes, squirrels and others. Must always be respected values ​​of electrical insulation and beware of the dispersions due to contact with the grass . For chicken coops andfencing livestock care to place them where the animals climb.


Outsmart these animals is not easy, but for us it is normal.

Stop raids and all the disastrous consequencesassociated with the presence of these animals infarms and without harm these animals!

but even these small subtle with great attentionmay be expelled from stables etc..

First: monitor the area where you will put the fence, look after possible steps and block them with the inclusion of electric fences.

Normally the tape Ref B1 or
Ref M1 13mm is the optimal solution. With insulators Ref 9N or Ref 9Vapplied to existing fences or strung on our Shockproof poles.

We recommend that you apply to existing fences a tape at the foot and one at the top: also on the gate and it must be applied with care.

Usually after the first bad experience from other parties will try their dinner table.