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These fences regulated on the size of the animals to be repelled can also be used against stray dogs and other predatory animals such as wolves. The electrical insulation values and maximum care must always be respected to avoid dispersion.

We are proud to offer our electrified ecological containment system for wild animals and therefore also for wolves.

More and more man, subverting the natural laws, then finds himself having to protect his crops, plantations, animals, like chickens and rabbits often targeted by predators such as foxes and wolves. Even for wild animals the same principle applies, do not try to lock them up or even worse to kill them, but built fences to protect certain places.

Our ecological electrified barrier tested and used by Canada in the African savannah, with its complete range of accessories, responds with great success and effectiveness to this requirement so much to be chosen and used by many hunting sites in Italy. The ease of use and low operating costs make it the only solution for a natural control of the wild, appreciated by all ethologists and naturalists. In fact, our system should not be considered a cage but a protection.

The electrical impulse perceived by the animal touching it becomes an obstacle that dissuades the animal without causing injury or harm. The animal that walks on the ground, connects the two phases and takes the electric impulse. Our belts are very strong and endure the first attacks of the wild who try to break through without yielding.

For optimal system operation, accessories for 13 mm or 20 mm tape are indispensable, as well as those for the highest 4 cm tape. For every type of wild animal, there is an optimal application for its containment, derived from our direct experimentation and years of applications.