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The reduction or removal of deer is a reality with the electric fences. The system depends on the presence and size of the horns.

Some tips for fence-intrusion deer:

  • the fence is 2 or 3 heights with tape 40mm Ref B4 by
    differentiating according to the animals: using higher tape
    to allow better visibility
  • 2or 3tapes using pallets Ref. 12/3, in each case: distance from
    the ground
    of the first tape and 35cm distance from the ground
    of the last tape 70cm/1m
  • medium-sized animals such as chamois and fallow deer, 2 belts
    always 40mm, distance from the ground and first tape 40cm
    distance from the ground from the second tape 90cm
  • large animals with horns, tape Ref B4 40mm, distance from the ground and first tape 60/70cm distance from the ground from the second tape 120/130cm. Veryoften you use the poles from 2m Ref 7C with three tapes
  • fiberglass poles Ref 7A straight sides (to mount isolators Ref 8N on the balusters and then plant the stakes with a bat better if plastic)
  • insulators corner Ref 45V to mount on V / S wooden posts with a minimum section 10cm x 10cm
  • Ref 44V tensioners to use at the beginning and end of the tape and to the sides of the gates that are created with handle Ref 11A,always to be mounted on wooden poles with a minimum section10cm x 10cm;

The tricks matured with experience small tips below to make sure that our material is achieved the desired effect.

Deer with large antlers:

This application is recommended by us but putting the wooden stake Ref 47P and the shockproof poles not vertical but inclined about 45 ° to the outside of the fence - this is to allow the animal to deal first with the bottom tape and then with the higher one with horns, even thoughits not cheap even multiple layers of tape are recommended.

The poles can be placed every 5 meters in
notwindy areas. For hornless deer our system canalso be held vertically. Prefer the white color!

With all the wild but even more with deer fences we need to put in a clearly visible area, in fact these animals, moving at great speed, need a fence placed at a distance from the bush and hiding places.


On some cases we recommend you to create a corridor in order to have two lines of defense,and therefore better safeguard what we mustprotect.